JLPT N2 Japanese Grammar ~ Ge (~ げ)

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JLPT N2 Japanese Grammar ~ Ge (~ げ)
Japanese grammar ~ Ge (~ げ) has meaning  "seeming ; giving the appearance of".
Grammar ~ Ge (~ げ) equals grammar ~ そう, just use ~ げ not covering ~ そう, because ~ げ used only for special adjectives (adjectives related to feelings).
Below are some examples of adjectives that are often encountered using grammar ~ ge (~ げ)
  1. 満足げ = manzokuge = seemed satisfied
  2. 楽しげ = tanoshige = looks fun
  3. 涼しげ = suzushige = looks cool
  4. 面白げ = omoshiroge = looks interesting
  5. 寂しげ = sabishige = looks lonely
  6. 嬉しげ = ureshige = seemed happy
  7. 得意げ = tokuige = looks proud
  8. 退屈げ = taikutsuge = looks boring
  9. 恥ずかしげ = hazukashige = seems a shame
  10. 不安げ = fuange = seemed restless
  11. 苦しげ = kurushige = seem to suffer
  12. 美しげ = utsukushige = looks beautiful
  13. etc.
And a few words that can uses the irregular ~ げ 
よさげ = yosage = looks good
なさげ = nasage = look no
ありげ = arige = seems there are
言いたげ = iitage = see want to say

いadj (-い) + げに
なadj + げな

By how to change into the form of the sentence patterns of wanting to do something.
V たい = (行きたい -> 行きたげ)
Kanojo wa gakkou de watashi ni nanika iitage datta.
He was lasted in schools seemed to want to saying something to me.

By removing the letter suffixes い, げ recently adding first.
Adjectif  い = (楽しい ->  楽しげ)
Ano hito wa sabishige na me o shite iru.
The man from his eyes it looks like the loneliness.

Can be directly added げ after adjectives-na.
Adjectif  な = (得意 -> 得意げ)
Yukimura wa chichi ue ni tokuige desu.
Yukimura looked proudly on his father.

By way of adding words あり after the noun.
Kanojyo wa imi ge ari ni kare no kao o mite iru.
He was looking at the face of her friends with (it seems like) is full of meaning.


Kono yubiwa wa yosage janai?
Isn't this ring looks good?

Kyou wa mondai ga nasage ni mieta.
Today's look seemed no problem.

All Japanese grammar lessons are designed to help you study for the JLPT. If you have any feedback or notice any errors, please leave a comment.

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