Learn Japanese Grammar ~ koto kara (~ ことから)

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Learn Japanese Grammar ~ koto kara (~ ことから)
Japanese Grammar ~ koto kara (~ ことから) has meaning "from the fact that...".

Formation [接続]
Verb-casual + ことから
Noun + だったことから
いadj + ことから
なadj + な/だったことから


Kao ga sokkuri na koto kara, futago de aru koto o shitta.
I knew that they are twins from the fact that they look exactly alike.

Koko wa sakura no meisho de aru koto kara, haru ni wa hanamikyaku ga oozei yatte kuru.
Since this place is well-known for its cherry blossoms, in spring many people come here.

Kare wa chichioya ga yuumei na sakka de aru koto kara, han’i kara tokubetsu na me de miraregachi desu.
He is treated differently by other people because his father is a famous writer.

Fujisan ga mieru koto kara, kono machi wa fujimichou to iu namae ga tsuita.
This town was named Fujumicho because you can see Mt. Fuji.

Garasu ga warete iru koto kara, dorobou ga haitta to wakatta.
I knew that I’ve been robbed when I saw the shattered glasses.

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