Learn Japanese Grammar ~ te wa ikenai (~ てはいけない)

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Learn Japanese Grammar ~ te wa ikenai (~ てはいけない)
Japanese Grammar ~ te wa ikenai (~ てはいけない) has meaning "must not ; may not ; cannot 禁止や規制を表す".

Formation [接続]
Verb-てform + はいけない

This grammar is used to say this is something we should not do / may not do.
You can use the regular form or more formal form:
  • てはいけない (te wa ikenai) regular. See examples 1~4
  • てはいけません (te wa ikemasen) more formal. See examples 5~8

In spoken Japanese, the following may be used instead:
  • ちゃいだめ・じゃだめ (cha dame / ja dame)
  • ちゃいけない・じゃいけない (cha ikenai / ja ikenai)


Uso wo tsuite wa ikenai.
You must not tell lies.

Toshokan de urusaku shite wa ikenai.
We cannot be loud in the library.

Waratte wa ikenai joudan datta.
That was a joke that we shouldn't of laughed at.

Kyou shiken ga aru kara, chikoku shite wa ikenai.
There's a test today, so you can't be late.

Jugyou chuu ni keitai denwa wo tsukatte wa ikemasen.
Cannot use cellphones during class.

Rouka wo hashitte wa ikemasen yo.
No running in the halls.

Shitsunai de tabako wo sutte wa ikemasen yo.
No smoking inside!

Hatachi miman no hito wa osake wo nonde wa ikemasen.
You must not drink alcohol if you are under 20 years of age. (Japan's legal age)

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