This morning I can tell you about the content in my heart. You don’t see my blog. I hope you make some food for your parents in this morning, because my blog not good quality.
When I saw two people making love,on instagram with pictures or in the jungle (oh no) oh yeah, in that we must happiness hahaha. They so cute, I believe, they are a lot of problems and they could handle it. It’s amazing.
Okay, I will start my story with sentences “Don’t be naughty dear!”
I get a good sentences. I will trying to explain about that sentence. If you have a good relationship with your someone special in your life, you certainly already understand. So I can tell you about that, in my opinion. For we. Oh no. Not ‘we’ but ‘I’ or you. Oh no, wrong it. Yeahh for me. For me. It means that I must take care of myself. *Dear: my self *From: Myself uu
Yeahhhhh. This my sad story. Six weeks ago or seven weeks ago or two months ago, my heart was broken. Ohhhhh men, I don’t tell you about this. So I write in my blog. For everybody.
In that situation, my left hand like a stick playstation, shook, as a vibration. When I saw you with your friends. I am very happy. Yeahh my friend was find a happiness with her friends. I sleep in the night, I write a tweet for destroying the wound but it is so difficult and so alay hiks. Vibration in my full body, except my middle finger. My middle finger salutes your boyfriend. Ohhh left hand, I love you, I was very disappointed. I hope my opinion wrong. But my hope was destroyed when I saw your tweet or you story when you make in personal message and etc. Like my ear listening about that, you will leave, yeahhh you want to leave. I can’t prevent it. If you wanna leave take good care. I just wanna say good bye if you are right away. I am not who you, and that is true. But if you in your ways is find a wound, I still in the back.
So, don’t put into your heart. Don’t be seriously. It’s just my story, only to entertain myself. Thank you. We will be fine. I love you so much men. Emmmmmmuah


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