Learn Japanese Grammar ~ furi o suru (~ ふりをする)

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Learn Japanese Grammar ~ furi o suru (~ ふりをする)

Japanese Grammar ~ furi o suru (~ ふりをする) has meaning "to pretend; to act as if".

Learn Japanese grammar: ふりをする (furi o suru). Meaning: to pretend; to act as if. It is used to say someone is pretending or acting as if something that may not be true.

Formation [接続]
Verb-casual + ふりをする
Noun + のふりをする
いadj + ふりをする
なadj + なふりをする

 - Example Sentences 

Kikoenai furi o shita.
They pretended to not hear.

Kare wa seiji ni tsuite shitteiru furi o shiteiru ga, hontou wa shiranai da to omou.
He acts like he knows about politics, but I don't think that he really does.

Yamada-san wa dokushin no furi o shiteiru ga, kekkon shiteite futari mo kodomo ga iru.
Yamada-san acts like he is single, but he actually is married and has 2 children.

Wakatta furi o shiteita ga, jitsuwa yoku wakaranai. Mou ichido itte kudasai.
I gave the impression that I understood, but I really didn't. Could you please say it once again?

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