Learn Japanese Grammar ~ hazu da (~ はずだ)

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Learn Japanese Grammar ~ hazu da (~ はずだ)

Japanese Grammar ~ hazu da (~ はずだ) has meaning "it must be; it should be (expectation)".

Learn Japanese grammar: はずだ (hazu da). Meaning: used to emphasize an expectation that something will take place or should be so.

It also expresses a strong disbelief in anything contrary to what is being said.

To say the opposite, you can use はずがない (hazu ga nai).

Formation [接続]
Verb-casual + はずだ
いadjective + はずだ
なadjective + なはずだ
Noun + のはずだ

はずだ - Example Sentences 

Kare wa ima gakkou ni iru hazu da.
He should be in school right now.

Kyou wa shukujitsu dakara, ginkou wa yasumi no hazu da.
Today is a national holiday, so surely the banks are closed.

Otousan ga sorosoro ie ni kaeru hazu da.
Father should be returning home anytime now.

Tanaka-san wa ima, ryokouchuu dakara, ie ni inai hazu da.
Tanaka-san can't be home right now since he is currently travelling.

Anata wa houritsu wo shitteiru hazu da.
You should know the law.

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